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Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

By viewing any pages on this web site, a person becomes a 'user' of the site and agrees to the terms and conditions of use below:

Privacy Policy
  1. Privacy - Ingrid's Safaris will respect your privacy, and will follow South African law. We will not disclose your specific profile or contact details to a third party without your permission, or unless forced to by law.

Terms of Use
  1. Booking Procedure - Make contact via email or phone and check availability.

  2. Payment – Either via EFT or cash on the day.

  3. Changes in Prices - The prices quoted are subject to change without prior notice

  4. Reasonable Changes – It may be advisable or necessary, to change the arrangement made. Ingrid's Safaris will discuss alternatives, but cannot be held liable for bad weather, traffic issues, or breakdowns that might lead to cancellations of activities.

  5. Responsibility – Ingrid's Safaris accept no liability regarding losses, delays, damage or accident to persons or property. An indemnity form needs to be signed.

  6. Insurance – Ingrid's Safaris insurance is limited to the mandated insurance for a Public Transporter. The client is to arrange insurance that they deem appropriate.

  7. Other operators – If a Game Drive, or other sub-contractors are used, Ingrid's Safaris accepts no liability arising from such services

  8. Disclaimer - Ingrid's Safaris accepts no liability arising from the use of this web site. There are no warranties that the site is free of error or omission.

  9. Law – South African law and jurisdiction applies.

  10. Web Sites Changes - Ingrid's Safaris reserves the right to make changes to this web site.

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